Nepotism in Art? (Athens art show review)

Nepotism in Art?

When I recognized my son had artistic talent it was so rewarding for me. He can really draw and mass creates beautiful representational art. My step-niece is another relative whom is a prolific art creator, his same age, with similar habits and instincts. Ayla Dartez has her first one-woman show in ATHENS, GA as you read this; she is six year’s old. Sure, I spent last night laughing at the comics she creates while drinking an Irish whiskey with her dad – my stepbrother. Sure, he is one of the owners of the place where she is showing: Five Star Day Cafe’ on Broad Street. But my dearest Ayla has earned this show strictly on merit, the merit of her work exemplified here with twelve of her finest whimsical paintings. Her vision for color astounding, her use of characters, humorous. I own an original self-portrait that hangs proudly in my office at home. She is a talent to watch for and this show is entertainment in its purest form. The paintings are hung with thumbtacks. What else for a six-year old? 10 remain for sale at press time.