Righteous Art Room

My love for a good jukebox bar can best be emblem-ized in The ATL by the Righteous Room on Ponce de Leon Avenue in the Poncey-Highland neighborhood – where a mix of old and new rock emanates available by the dollar. They also display local art down on Ponce here, in The Plaza shopping center, next to the Majestic Diner. Royce Riley’s long run – which resulted in me purchasing a painting entitled “Frog Flag” – is over. And Ashley Norfleet has taken over.  She lists herself as “mother, painter, designer, human” and all that experience plays out in portraits lifelike of humans and birds. Eagles and other birds, people with wings, eyelashes becoming birds, even a few portraits not associated with flight. My favorite piece in this collection of works is of smaller birds forming into what I take to be a giant ostrich, running barely above land. Though the show by Royce Riley (aka R.Land) was nearly impossible to stand up to, Ashley Norfleet holds her own. Check her out: http://www.bossladydesign.com

Painting by Royce Riley:

(Photo by: Jami Buck-Vance)


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