Ode To The Chrysler – from “NYC poems 2010”

(Photo from “Hanny Does NYC” – circa 2011)


Ode To The Chrysler (C) 2010:

The Extreme Silver Gorgeousity

Of The Chrysler

Immaculate Tall Spire Ascending

Eyelits Twinkling

Who Doth Love Her More Than I

I Fairly Say, Loving Her So Much

Loving Her More Intensely And Accurately

Perhaps Than Any Southern Man, Ever

She, My Lady, Fair By Day

Of Night, We Speaketh Later

She, My Lady, So Fair By Day

Volcano (Park) – from “Hawaii triptych”

Volcano (Park) (C) 2010:


Almost canyon-like,

the great crater we

walked through under a blazing

Hawaiian sun, after the rain

forest. After  the volcano, another

stretch of rainforest, a lava

tube. Songbirds don’t live in resort

areas or near cities, and

neither have we – we – have been

Holualoa-Inn and the lodge named

for the volcano, in the

Village of Volcano.

And the jacuzzi

is set to


(Photo by: Han Vance)


Next up is old downtown

Hilo, more dark sand. On the

drive to Volcano, from

Holualoa, we stopped at the

black sand beach & a few

observation points: Hawaii

is everything. Big. Life.

When I see a color, that

color tends to be vivid; when

I taste a fruit, that fruit

tends to be succulent and

sweet. And the fish is good,

the people are very good and

my travel companion is great

Happily Floating In Big Blue America,